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Originally Posted by houdini View Post
Look at me cry because I don't get what I want.

It's a free contest for an inexpensive box of cards and you people act like its something you earned or are entitled too.

Get over yourselves.
We are certainly entitled to have the BEST card we each pulled placed on this list. This list is NOT indicative of the great pulls people had this month (not just myself). I spent $ you really think I care about a $70-$150 box of cards I don't even collect?

It's about the one thing that it is always about...PRINCIPLE. If I was the only one who had an issue it may be a different story, however, others have spoken out as well. I will say it again, this contest is supposed to be for the best pull of the month, however, the best cards CLEARLY have not been represented. How is this not clear to EVERYONE?
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