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Originally Posted by YakuzaShoeii View Post
Most of you are missing the point completely. It's not about winning at all. The ONLY points that myself and a few others are trying to make are that the best cards clearly aren't in the poll AND if you're going to have a "Pull of the month" contest, the best cards should be in the poll. Why is this so hard for everyone to grasp? I don't think I'm half as fired up as you people seem to be. Simply put, there were other cards besides my own that were way better than some that actually made the poll. Whether you voted for my card or not, there is no denying that the best cards did not make it to the poll.

It's not about being entitled or wanting to win in the least. It's like having a race for the fastest car in the world that anyone can enter. However, only Hyundai's and Daewoo's are selected for the race. While the high-end cars idle on the side. It's not logical, end of story. However, it is what it is, so we can stop this ridiculous back and forth.
EXactly, but what you fail to grasp is that maybe, just maybe in the OPINION of the people running the contest, these were what they considered the best...maybe they have their own criteria, not necessarily they most valuable or rare, but for instance, the hood cut auto would appeal to civil war collectors or history collectors, but a huge majority of people would not know who he was, so a obama/bush dual cut auto would be more attractive to them.

seems like a lot of the cards are based on name recognition and rarity so its their opinion

what you are arguing is that their opinion is wrong...and we all know everyone can have an opinion, right or wrong, but its theirs to have and since they run the contest, theirs is what counts
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