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Same thing happen to me yesterday. I had done five Hunger Games related cards (none nearly as good as Gary's by the way) after seeing the movie opening night. Not surprisingly the only one that sold was the one of Katniss. I had done one of each of the main characters and relisted the unsold ones.

The second round of those ended yesterday around 2:00 pm. About 8:00 pm last night I received a notification from Ebay that Lions Gate had filed a complaint and they removed all of the unsold cards, citing them as "counterfeit products." Yes, they actually went to the effort to complain about and remove listings that had all ready ended. Perhaps they had filed the complaint while the listing was still active and it took Ebay some time to go through, verify and delete them though I have no idea how the process works.

Before yesterday there was a good dozen or so various Hunger Games related ACEOs for sale on Ebay. Last night there were none so it looks like they had all of them taken down. I just checked and there are currently only two up at the moment. The letter received from Ebay prohibits from relisting the items in question or advertising them on their site so I guess I'll just file the ones I did away for the time being.

I ran a search yesterday to find out if anybody else had been effected by this after I received the email and found this thread so I made an account to post here but only had the account verified for posting on the forums a little while ago. Sorry if this is a little late in the reply.
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