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All three of those Silhouettes look very nice. That card design is actually growing on me.... it's just the gold bits on either side which bug me (for some reason). But I really like how they chose photos of the player wearing the same colour jersey as seen in the swatch, rather than a white/alternate colour.

Here are some of my recent Hall of Fame autos which I haven't posted on the boards yet.

I'm a fan of this Chronology 'My Generation' card design. Bob McAdoo is underrated historically. In 1974-75, he averaged 34.5 ppg (in a league that only averaged 102.6 ppg), 14.1 rpg, and shot .512 from the floor (in a league that shot .457). Incidently, he also shot .805 from the line.

I also added this Marques Johnson auto to my Chronology Legends collection. The original 'point forward', he's not in the Hall of Fame, but I think he ought to be. He's a 5-time All-Star, was once named All-NBA 1st Team, twice named All-NBA 2nd Team, NCAA champion, College Player of the Year, etc. And he averaged 20.1ppg, 7.0rpg and 3.6apg for his NBA career.

Do you have any Chronology autos or inscriptions? If so, PM me.
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