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Originally Posted by Bryanjs14 View Post
Just never liked him, personal opinion. His fights are boring to me. The Nogueira one was good, but I know that he will never be a champion quality fighter again, so his fights never interest me.


Frank Mir is 14-5 in the UFC. Of his 14 wins, 8 wins are by submission, ALL of which were finished inside the first round (including three arm breaks.) (3) wins are KO/TKO, and only (2) wins by decision. In an 11-year career with 21 fights he has only been to a decision 3 times. Also, all 5 loses are first round TKOs which may indicate that he actually comes to fight & doesn't ride fights out. He is also the only man EVER to either submit or tko Big Nog, and he did both. This is ridiculous! Frank Mir may not be your favorite fighter, however, there is no doubt he is one of the most exciting Heavyweights of all time.

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