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Originally Posted by houdini View Post
That's a lie. I am disappointed that you would lie.

It was a club communication that was also posted to twitter - they had every right to read it - I had every right to send it.

Shame on you. I guess it figures though.

Still, it has nothing to do with this pathetic display of entitlement. It is subjective. It is a poll. The only thing clear is that the Cam is winning.
I'm not lying, maybe misinformed but not lying. I will have to check the thread in which I am referring to and verify the information. I seem to remember Wheeler pointing out that you did this and you stating in the thread that you did and were doing so for the sake of your club members. If that is the case, you did as I stated and it is not a lie.

I was put off by your post. It seems as some of your posts as of late are quite condemning and I wonder why you feel the need to make a post like you did. We all have the right to post here and if someone feels the need to lobby a little for their card that may or may not have been included in the poll they have that right. There is no need for you to insult them for doing so.

Please inform me as to what you mean by the statement I have in bold in your post. I feel you have taken a shot at me and I would like to know why.
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