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I made a deal with him, I just got my 33 old base cards in the mail instead of my starlin castro blue auto /199. I was contacted by a mod the day after I sent out my cards and proceeded to turn in the paper work to have usps intercept my item.

Well I just checked and usps did not intercept my package so he got my cards. I cant tell you how livid I am. The cards I sent were not that valueable. BUT paying the post office $10.95 to stop an item the day after it ships with tracking info? And they dont stop it. Why the hell do I even bother.

This is when thoughts cross my mind to take a long weekend down to randleman, NC and pay Mr. Doby a visit.

So yea I got burned as well.
Looking for Starlin Castro cards, Autos, Patches, and game used.
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