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Originally Posted by RichSlyFox14 View Post
hey man, your only supposed to post HRX autographs.
Originally Posted by msumarr54 View Post
HRX Autographed Video Cards #'d to 10 and 1/1

Doesn't say "HRX 1/1"s

AND I'll let BO tell me if I'm doing something incorrectly. your own post.

The title of the thread as this poster pointed out, nicely, might i add is HRX Autograph tracker....not HRX Autograph tracker and other 1/1s.

You even quoted it in your own rude response:

"HRX Autographed Video Cads #/10 or 1/1"

common sense would tell you its a thread for all HRX Video Autographs numbered to 10 or 1/1 doesnt say HRX Video Autographs #/10 or other cards #1/1...

try to use common sense next time, thats if you have any, before you make yourself look like a complete tool again.
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