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Originally Posted by Gator993 View Post
How do the auto draft picks work. Pick auto #5 and you get the fifth auto pulled?

What if there are extra or shorted hits?

Just want to clarify before jumping in.
I'm not following where auto #5 comes from. We're going to be drafting players once we are full, everyone has paid and we do the random. If we get extra hits, it just goes to the slot holder. You will be picking the subject. For example, if I have the first pick, I could pick the Eric Hosmer auto. If we hit 10 Hosmer autos, I would get all 10. If we hit 0, I would get nothing.

It's a player draft, not a hit draft. If someone chooses the jumbo patch or Finest Moment auto relic (That is a case hit and there is 1 slot per case) They get however many patches or Finest Moment auto relics may hit. Some auto slots could get 10 hits, some could get 0. For more info on how a player draft works, check out some of Houdini's Bowman Chrome/Draft player draft breaks. This is the same idea, but with a condensed checklist.
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