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Originally Posted by Dance Crew DJ View Post
I wanna see a video or I do not believe this. It is not possible to knock him out. I remember I could knock him down once in the first because he does those crazy uppercuts the first 2 minutes.. knock him down twice in the second and beat him until he is barley knocked down again until the third.. and beat him silly in the third but he will not stay down for the 10 after the second knockdown.. I am totally calling bs on this unless I see a video. I will google it now. Unless you are playing on some modified system and not the original nintendo 8 bit system its not possible... it wasnt even possible to knock out the alter version of mike tyson on the re-release of the game titled "punch out" for nes
I am telling you it is for have to knock him down twice in the first round and twice in the second round, before the second round is over and you have knocked him down twice take his energy completely down to where you could knock him down for a third time...but dont, which will take you to the third round with him having no energy, as soon as the third round starts as soon as he throws his first punch you knock him down in 4 seconds, when he gets back up you have to wait between the 55-1:15 mark, if you knock him down again you can get him down for the 10 count... It will not KO him everytime but keep trying and I gurantee eventually between the 55 second and 1:15 minute mark you CAN knock him out. Also, you cannot get knocked down at all during the match, if he knocks you down at all just start over cuz it wont work. I dont know how to down load video but tomorrow when I get home from work I will camcord it and find a way to post me, I spent 25 years calling BS to everyone who has claimed to do it...until I did it..It can be done, not modification, no game genie..he can be KO'd!

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