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Originally Posted by nyauthenticink View Post
Yeah, I've been checking other BBT case breaks and have been seeing 2 rares/ 2 uncommons..etc. I got 1 rare and the kevin sussman "stewart" is an uncommon...
I got a penny wardrobe card from a sale today in the mail.. nice looking card!

In your opinion, Is the BBT selling as popular as the walking dead did/ is... i know both are 2 entirely different shows and different networks, but i know both shows are very popular and this is a first time signing for many of these characters..

Good luck in Poker! lol
Well, autographs and costumes are obviously selling much higher for TBBT, and the redemptions are a bit higher too, but TWD does have the 1 per case sketch to partially offset that, but if you were to open an average case of each and sold off the contents I think TBBT would sell for a bit more.

Where the sets may diverge is in future releases, TWD isn't adding any wildly popular characters but TBBT has loads of potential great signers.
The current release is only for season 1 and 2 and there were very few good guest appearances, the only one of note they didn't get to sign was Summer Glau.

A list of potential signers for future sets (not counting the current season of the show):

Sara Gilbert (Leslie Winkle)
Charlie Sheen (himself)
Octavia Spencer (Octavia)
Analeigh Tipton (herself) <----I want!
Sara Rue (Stephanie Barnett)
Christine Baranski (Beverly Hofstadter)
George Smoot (Himself) *2006 Nobel Prize winner
Wil Wheaton (himself)
Katee Sackhoff (herself)
Yeardly Smith (Sandy)
Stan Lee (himself)
Judy Greer (Dr. Elizabeth Plimpton)
Mayim Bialik (Amy Farrah Fowler)
Steve Wozniak (himself) *National Medal of Technology winner
Eliza Dushku (FBI Special Agent Angela Page)
Melissa Rauch (Bernadette Rostenkowski)
George Takei (himself)
Keith Carradine (Wyatt)
LeVar Burton (himself)
Brent Spiner (himself)
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