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The case is delivered and all I need to do is pick it up tomorrow. I have all day Thursday and the first 1/2 of Friday (till noon) off from work, unfortunately I work all day Saturday (8am till 8pm) and Sunday from noon til 5pm. The draft will start tomorrow night/Thursday Morning at 10am EST, clock will be 45mins and I strongly suggest you copy the hit list and rank them for me so we can speed up the draft process. We are breaking 1 week after everyone else due to a mixup in the release date from Panini, I want you guys to get your items ASAP so ideally we would wrap up the draft Friday and I will ship out everything Saturday as long as I have time Friday night.

Case break will be tomorrow evening, I'll say 9pm EST might make it earlier depending on what I leave to come home. Any questions PM me.

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