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Bad news and more bad news I guess:

A- The case came in today, it was a second shipment case so they cut off the labels and one side of the tape wrinkled up and came off a bit. The case still looks intact on the other side so I wouldn't worry but I will leave it up to you guys as I know some people fly off the handle with stuff like that and I don't want to break into $2000 of product and have someone blow up.

B- Blowout didn't ship any supplies with the order, so I have 0 cases here to put the stuff in. I have soft sleeves and some team bags to put them in so I can protect them until I get cases shipped to me.

I am living 1 hour from where blowout is shipping the items to, I'm already paying out of my pocket to do this break due to some issues with people dropping and slot prices being lower on second slots. Add $4 a gallon to go get items and now this mess up I'm doing my best, I'm hoping either blowout can ship down to where I'm staying now, or I can get some gas money to get the supplies when they come in. I'm working pretty much sunrise to sunset from Friday till Sunday so shipping will now be delayed till blowout gets me the supplies.
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