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Originally Posted by pskell02 View Post
Yea they miss a lot. But that one was really bad. There was nothing obstructing the linesman's view and it wasn't even close to being onside. I don't often agree with Rob, but tell the truth, if that were Crosby putting the Pens up 4-0 on a missed call as bad as that, you honestly would have been of the opinion that "meh, refs miss calls from time to time"?
If it put the Pens up 4-0? I honestly wouldn't have cared all that much. Like I said above, I don't see either team in this series winning two games in a row at any point. I'm not the typical flyers fans that you guys would despise to be around. Yes, I hate the Penguins and everything associated with them. But, if they beat the Flyers, they beat them fair and square. There is no ref out there that can change the outcome of a series to the point where the outcome is completely switched.

And if Crosby didn't complain and dive(even though he doesn't dive that much anymore) I'd have no problem with the guy.
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