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Wow, what a game! I'm just getting back from meeting up with some friends at a loud bar (with no audio), so I really didn't get the best view of the game and missed some things that you all probably saw, so no real detailed analysis (watching the replay now though).

First, Wow...what a comeback from the Flyers. The Penguins just came out in the 1st period and straight up kicked their a**es, both physically and offensively. They controlled the entire period.

Second, As soon as I saw Briere's first goal, I knew I would come on here and find the Pens fans crying. Yes, the refs completely blew that...he was offsides. Hopefully now you know how it feels to have the refs completely blow a call(s) against you. You guys get the most preferential treatment from the refs of any team in the league and really don't have any room to complain about the officiating.

And face it, the Pens lost the game themselves..after the 1st period they were outplayed. You can't let a team score 4 unanswered on you in any scenario...much less the playoffs.

Anyway, what a freaking amazing start to what is going to be a very, very memorable and entertaining series!
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