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went to the game last nite. super hungover, tired, and disappointed.

my takes on the issues with the pens last nite

-the no offsides on the briere's first goal was really bad. when you see it live and know without replay that it's offsides it's a bad call. did it decide the game, imo no. the pens were absolutely owned in the 2nd and 3rd periods. the game could've been 7-3 if not for some ridiculous fleury saves

-pens defense is atrocious. i know bylsma is all about "a good offense makes a good defense" but that performance last nite was pretty pathetic. only letang played good in the defensive end. martin and michalek are huge disappointments this season and are looking like one of shero's only poor moves as GM. orpik had a bad game and the forward backcheck just wasn't there

-breakaways and odd man breaks have to come to an end. over the last month i've never seen so many of these against us. if fleury doesn't stuff Jagr on a breakaway in the first it's 2-1 and a completely different game

-Pens powerplay is NIAGP (not in a good place). not really sure what to do but the first line looks like they are all lost in where they should set up and are rotating all over the place. My one thought is that sullivan should be on and kunitz off.

-not sure what it looked like on TV but live the game was super physical. 49 hits between the two after the first period blew my mind

-hated the orpik interference call. the refs absolutely blew last nite missing several clear cut penaltys on both teams.

-loved the people dressed up like bears. heard some post game interviews of the flyers who also found it amusing.

-Awesome comeback by the Flyers they absolutely owned the Pens in every detail of the game after the first period.

pens are in a must win situation. going to grab some game 5 tickets.
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