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Default Monthly Football Team Group Break - 26 Teams - May 2012

Break is Monday, May 7th @ 7:30 PM EST Live Stream link -

AUCTION - Min bid is $10. Bid increments must be at least $1.

BEARS - $15 - jiggidy
BILLS - $10 - mac.nokes
BROWNS- $11 - kennyhasty
CHIEFS- $11 - Mack110
REDSKINS - $10 - Mack110
SEAHAWKS - $10 - Mack110
TEXANS- $10 - Clark3

It's that time again to get set up for the May break. Link to last month’s break:

Check out our website: Monthly Box Breaks at BO - Home

The break is a 26 Team break where members pick their team on a draft basis. The draft order is determined by a random by the mods. The additional 6 teams are auctioned off with the opening bid starting at $5. The auction of the 6 additional teams is only open for members who have joined this break with a team.

The fee for the group is $25 for the first team and $20 for each additional team (May be $35/$30 this month depending on the box selection). Each member is only allowed to own a maximum of 3 teams (excluding auctioned teams). Out of the $25 - $20 is set aside for the purchase of boxes and $5 ($3 shipping, $1 supplies, $1 PP fees) is set aside for supplies, shipping, and paypal fees.

26 teams x $20 a piece towards boxes + $30 minimum for auctioned teams means we get to break at least $550 worth of boxes this month. All boxes will be between years 2009 - 2011 with at least 1 box from each of those years.


* Members will receive all cards pulled for their teams including base. Even if you tell me that you don’t want base cards I am sending them anyways because I don’t want them.

* If a card has a player in a different team jersey than listed on the card, the card goes to the team listed on the card. (Ex. Jay Cutler pictured in a Broncos jersey but the card lists Bears, the card would go to the Bears).

* If there is no team listed on the card or the team listed on the card is the player’s college team then the card goes to the team that drafted the player. If the player was undrafted then the card goes to the team that first claimed the player. (Ex. A 2010 autograph of Brett Favre and the card lists Southern Mississippi as the team, the card would go to the Falcons.)

* If a card has multiple teams on the card then the team that is represented the most on the card will receive it. (Ex. A quad GU card of Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Larry Fitzgerald, and Reggie Wayne, the card would go to the Colts because there are 2 Colts listed on the card). If all teams are represented equally then the team that appears first on the card will receive it (Ex. the top team on a vertical card, the left-most team on a horizontal card).

* If the card is dual-sided the back side of the card is the side with the card #. If the card # is not present on the card then the back side of the card is the side with the hologram sticker.

Backup List

1. jlittle1981
2. nauticamc2
3. allingamer
4. nogood4this

Break will be live on Ustream. Here is the link:

Tracking #: 1Z82RW330373313121

Box Options - Since this is the last month for 2009 products the first 2 options are geared toward 2009.

* WINNER *Option 2 - This option would change the fees to $35/$30. - 8 Votes - (Mack110, hester72598, ckcardz, mac.nokes, 56LightsOut56, OHLDS, avsrock26, kennyhasty)

2011 Panini Playbook (3 Autos, 1 GU) - $200
2011 Gridiron Gear (2 Autos, 2 GU) - $84
2010 Plates & Patches (3 Autos, 1 GU) - $88
2010 Topps Unrivaled (3 Autos) - $74
2009 SP Authentic (3 Autos) - $105
2009 Donruss Threads (4 Autos OR GU) - $80
2009 Score Inscriptions (3 Autos) - $42
2009 Topps Finest (2 Autos) - $155
2009 Donruss Elite (3 Autos OR GU) - $52

TEAMS (25 of 25) - FULL

49ERS - avsrock26- PAID
BEARS - jiggidy- PAID
BILLS - mac.nokes- PAID
BRONCOS - doobypenguin- PAID
BROWNS - kennyhasty- PAID
BUCS - EmtinHawaii- PAID
CHARGERS - 56LightsOut56- PAID
CHIEFS - Mack110- PAID
COLTS - hester72598- PAID
COWBOYS - kennyhasty- PAID
DOLPHINS - kennyhasty- PAID
EAGLES - zepzoso- PAID
FALCONS - hester72598- PAID
GIANTS - mac.nokes- PAID
JAGUARS - mac.nokes- PAID
JETS - EmtinHawaii
LIONS - jiggidy- PAID
PANTHERS - trubear- PAID
RAMS - trubear- PAID
RAVENS - Clarka3- PAID
SAINTS - mac.nokes- PAID
TEXANS - Clarka3- PAID
TITANS - poipounda- PAID
VIKINGS - ckcardz- PAID
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