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Originally Posted by hairyangryfella View Post
Exactly! That is why you shouldn't pay your ebay fees anymore. They stiff you, they don't care and then they bill you...

Sorry to hear about the situation OJ. I'm so fed up with all the scammers out there who give internationals a bad name. And ebay and their ridiculous policies. Common sense would allow you to get something back (either the feedback or the money or whatnot) but I doubt they have any...
I rant about international buyers. For the most part they are good. I just dont like the bad apples. The bad apples are not just rotten, they are filthy.

Its so apparent in this case. His Ebay ID is UK. I expect to send the card to the UK if he wins. But his paypal addy that he pays from has a chinese address. WTF? Im bound to lose this situation no matter what I do. So its like a $10 card. He pays $3 shipping. I see the addy and its China. So I ship and it costs me like $5.50. I dont really care. But he automatically opens a claim about not recieving it.

I think im more upset at the ebay employee. He was dumber than a pan handler. "Uhh.. sir.. Uhhh sir". Shut up already.
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