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Originally Posted by nuccionino View Post
$2,500 fine, that's it. Forgot we don't suspend players in the playoffs

"We felt this was a reckless and reactionary play on which Weber threw a glancing punch and then shoved Zetterberg's head into the glass," said NHL Senior Vice President of Player Safety and Hockey Operations Brendan Shanahan. "We reached out to Detroit following the game and were informed that Zetterberg did not suffer an apparent injury and should be in the lineup for Game 2.

So if he was injured he'd be suspended? That makes no sense
What a joke, since when is grabbing an opponent by the back of the helmet and ramming his head into the glass a reactionary play? Mental, yes...reactionary, no. Once again, the WRONG message being sent to the league when the battle of head injuries continues. Kaleta got 5 games for headbutting when no injury occurred, but this is a fine? This should have been a clear example to the league that this will not be tolerated, but now its open season if it is only a 2,500 fine.

Note to Philly players, looks like it is okay to ram Crosby's head into the glass.
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