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Default Star Wars Galaxy 7 Case Break (1 of 2)

First case arrived today, wasted no time in breaking it down. Nothing of note aside from the sketches, which were are below. Started out kind of ehhh ... with the first two I opened:

Katie Glasheen

Cory Hamscher

Not terrible, but I wasn't exactly getting the warm tinglies after my first two boxes. Then I got these:

Erik Maell

Kyle Babbitt

I like 3 and 4 better, but while 50% color and halfway through case, I'm not super thrilled, and starting to think maybe I should have just dropped $500 on scratch tickets. Next two turned around my case:

Scott Rorie

Tim Proctor sketchagraph signed by Ben Burtt

I felt a LOT better now, so I went to my last two and they were pretty good:

Ben Dale

Lee Bradley 1 of 2 Puzzle, or just a half-face profile? No notation anywhere on the card.

All in all not a bad first case, hoping for the same or better luck when the other case arrives, and would obviously like some other nice find like a printing plate but not holding my breath!
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