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Originally Posted by Rinkwraith View Post
What a joke, since when is grabbing an opponent by the back of the helmet and ramming his head into the glass a reactionary play? Mental, yes...reactionary, no. Once again, the WRONG message being sent to the league when the battle of head injuries continues. Kaleta got 5 games for headbutting when no injury occurred, but this is a fine? This should have been a clear example to the league that this will not be tolerated, but now its open season if it is only a 2,500 fine.

Note to Philly players, looks like it is okay to ram Crosby's head into the glass.
Oh my Lord...if Zac Rinaldo did this to Sidney Crosby. Automatic 5-10 game suspension. The league enforcement of suspensions/penalties/fines is a total inconsistent joke.
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