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Originally Posted by Gibberish View Post
If you drop the ball, pull the greedy stick out of your butt and send a refund
Then again, if you have time to log into paypal,hell, you have time to click print and whip out the tape and ship

There is no excuses, period.
If you misplaced the card,refund or give the buyer the option to wait using communications
if your foot falls off...see above since I am sure you will speak to people while in the hospital
Your dog gets raped by a moose...ok,possibly the ONLY reason to loose communication,but still an "on-the fence" issue .
Point is, nothing you said or said that you said was an explanation unless you are 15 and grounded from your comp and still buy mailers from the Jiffy Mart...but you replied to PMs so at least half of that doesn't apply.
If that happens, ill play the lottery.

On a serious note.. Ive even given refunds to people when I was late on sending out. Then sent the item anyways free of charge. The cost of doing business and keeping good relations.
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