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Originally Posted by Bael6 View Post're gonna miss me. That's so sweet. Again, another idiot who knows nothing about me, getting involved where he doesn't belong. People like me don't make this site suck, it's D-bags like you, who like to stir the pot. What a d*ck.....

No what it is,really, is your " I'm leaving post" smacks of temper tantrum throwing attention whore.
If you can't handle the fall out over YOUR MISTAKE then maybe you should leave because CLEARLY your skills at "Manning up" are sub-par if existent at all.
I can't throw a stick without hitting someone on this forum I have pissed off. But, I know when to shut up and walk away and when to apologize and wipe the egg off. You can be wrong and still be a good member,but you can't be wrong,cry,threaten to leave and expect ANYTHING but aggression and jeers...welcome to the internet....welcome to reality. Welcome to annonimity where people have a much easier time telling you the truth than in real life.
Now,get over it and learn from it, or head on over to that "other" site where a mistake like this would have staff threatening to ban you and then issuing multiple warnings for replying the way you did
Go to that site where all of the "Tough" guys hang out. Lol. You will REALLY love it there when even the staff will dog pile on you,period, over all Blowout is the best site. Nose to spite face ? Have fun with it.
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