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Originally Posted by Bael6 View Post
Fine.....You all think that I'm some sort of scammer, so I'll do you all a favor. I'll complete my end of all trades on this site, which are still pending, and I'll leave. I have finished deals with 21 different members here, without a hitch. They can all vouch for my trade ethics. As for those of you, who do not know my situation, why are you involved? Trying to be the cyber-police isn't doing anyone any good. There are real scammers on this site, who are robbing you people blind, and I'm labeled a scammer because of a late ship. Oh well....Have fun with the real scammers here, and I'll go flourish where there are no witch hunts. People make mistakes. None of you is perfect, and as I stated before, I have explained, to the buyer, what happened. I don't have to answer to anyone whom I have not dealt with. Good luck to the members of this board who are honest. As for the rest of you.........You figure it out.
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