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Originally Posted by dpwoodford View Post
Seeing as somebody from COMC is checking in here...

I have tried to email you guys a couple of times re: shipping cards *to* you from abroad (in my case, Australia). Do you have any advice on this so far as customs procedure, additional fees etc?

It's rare that we receive a package assessed with duty fees, but when we do we bill the seller's account. We have a few sellers from Australia and they haven't mentioned it so far so I'm not sure if they are getting charged or not. Shipping from the US to Australia is surprisingly affordable considering the distance; I don't know if the other way (from you to us) is as reasonable though.

Originally Posted by DaClyde View Post
Jeremy, would it be possible to get a clear set of guidelines in the FAQ about how sports cards not cards listed in Beckett are handled and any possible avenues for providing checklists to COMC for those types of situations, which usually result in a default "return to submitter" action? I've had part of that conversation with Jeff Maeda in the past, but seeing it in print as an actual policy/process would be great.

I've got a lot of recent minor league team set cards and foreign (non-US) cards I'd like to submit (areas that Beckett does not cover), but keep getting bitten by them being slated for return when they are processed, no matter what notes I may include in the package about being ready and willing to provide checklists. Usually, this results in a lengthy process of dealing with customer support to get the checklists added and eventually (several weeks after the processing deadline) the cards being added to the site.

I greatly appreciate the willingness to work with me, but I'd love to see a way to just eliminate this whole dance up front and help expand what COMC is able to include.
Hi, DaClyde. I'm with you; I want to see us list a lot more nonsports. In the past if a set wasn't listed in Beckett we would return it, but that policy is changing. Now - and especially if we have an accurate checklist - we will usually create our own set for non-Beckett items.
That being said, it does generally take us extra time to create these new sets and get the cards uploaded.

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