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Default Beyond Mad!! Beware of ebayyer jordanhannah

Wow guys we are beyond mad. In our 2 plus years of collecting have never been really burned. A couple little things no big deal UNTIL now. This ebayyer, jordanhannah, had a 2010 orton/cena dual auto gold up. Most of you know we pc Cena and we don't have this card so we made the guy an offer on ebay. He tells us no then asked if he wanted to trade for our orton/rey printing plate we had up along with some paypal and he said no BUT then he saw we had some Paul George basketball autos up and said hey I will trade it for some George autos. I was a little leery because it was just a straight up trade and yes if I had any sort of feeling I should have waited until I got the card from him but I didn't. So no paypal changed hands and it wasn't done through the boards so no proof etc. Well this was Sunday we send his cards Monday morning with DC and he got them. He sends something Monday night saying I am sending in the morning and gives a dc number. Well the dc number shows nothing as of last night so I email him this morning and he says I sent it on the 10th let me know if you don't get it tomorrow. Right then I knew we were screwed. Well low and behold tonight at about 11:15pm our time I am looking at newly listed on ebay and there is our card. number 8/25. So I send him an email telling him he stole from us and he better send the George cards back. He sends an email stating that he sent the card out then it was returned for insufficient postage then he decided he needed the money instead and is selling and he will send back our George cards.

I did let him know at least I have his name and address! Just wanted you guys to beware of him, do NOT trust even on an ebay purchase. I know Goblin left him a neg for shilling which he does all the time and relists and he has several suspect IP autos up. We keep close tabs on the sellers on ebay and who can be trusted and this dude isnt one of them. Sorry for the long post, rant is over. Peace!
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