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LOL.....Tough guy, you are too funny Gibberish. I wish everyone were as funny as you. You keep it up, "son"......You've got a place in comedy

Originally Posted by Gibberish View Post
I guess this means you aren't going to drive down and "handle" me ?
Who saw that coming

No one flocks to me son. EVERYONE knows you did the wrong thing and then were immature enough or just ignorant enough to feel there was a reason to justify it.
Re-Read my 1st post. I didn't attack you, I berated you for defending your actions. Now, if that is a mark of your character, placing yourself over a customer,then it is a poor mark,but that's between you and your buyers. You already have 1 neg for not sending a card and you should have had another this time for the exact same thing because, no way is 2 weeks acceptable.

I would normally say something nice to diffuse the mood,but I don't think I will this time. You are too immature to be acting like a tough guy. People saw it and you can bet some of the flame fanners will goad you down the road just to see if someone else can get you to act like you are a tough guy and act like you can do jack about anything, good luck with it
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