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Originally Posted by Bael6 View Post
I have no hard feelings at all. I understand that it looks bad on my part, but I can assure you that the card is headed your way. It's hard to scam people out of Paypal, because it's so easy to get a refund from them. I'm not here to scam, just check my feedback. Again, I do apologize for the delay, and to anyone else with a problem, the delay has been fixed.
If you don't have time to ship. You shouldn't have time to sell!!! if I pay for a card or cards, I expect them to be shipped QUICKLY. It's not yours anymore, I paid, it's mine. SEND IT! NO EXCUSES!!! It's actually kind of funny that anyone would buy from sellers like this. This site is FULL of good, honest, quick shipping sellers..>STOP buying from sellers like this is my take!!!

Hope you got your cards already op...
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