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Default Fixing the Pens....

Yes, I am well aware that this trade(s) won't happen (and don't start on no-trade clause, salary cap technicalities), but let's play devil's advocate. Throw some trade ideas out there that would help out the Pens at the same time as make them more respected in the league;

I'll start;

To CBJs:
Pens #1 draft pick

To Pens:
CBJ's #1 pick (#2 overall...Pens work some mojo with Oilers to draft Nail to play with Malkin)

See how this works Timmy? Scum of the earth get transported to western conference (but hey CBJs host AS game next year Sid) and imagine a top line of Nash, Malkin, Yakupov for the Pens. It's a team I could watch.

Your turn....
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