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Originally Posted by aces View Post
I'd have bought that sucker if I had the coin.

Why? Right now the cheapest case on the Bay is going for around $1,400. Best case scenario, that gets me a Sheldon or Penny auto. I'd have to fork over another $900-$1000 or so for the rest of the top 5. So I'd have paid >$2,000 for a master set, and I'd be stuck with 10 bajillion base sets and Kripke autos.

Really, if you want master sets (and I do), the easiest and cheapest way is to just suck it up and buy the damn things.
Someone mentioned that they bought a master set for $800 in another thread. That's quite the bargain, and I'm guessing presell months ago.

The only advantage to having the case, and the extra's are to sell the extra's off, which are doing decently on ebay for this set (amazingly well for W.D.). I broke open my case of this for my b'day this past weekend. It was a really fun break, which I may post more about later tonite.
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