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The thread is called "Fixing the Pens" not "What Will the Pens do in the Off-Season?"

Originally Posted by solt0131 View Post
Boy, you guys live in some kind of dream world. Paul Martin will get moved in the off season to a cap floor team with a lot of UFA's like the Avalanche or the Islanders. They might even move Michalek to the Senators to play with his brother.

They will look to bring back Hal Gill as well as he is a UFA. Honestly, the only defenseman I can honestly see back next year are Orpik and Letang. Engelland will probably be back because he doesn't cost a lot and he's tough. They will have to make a spot for Joe Morrow as well. I think Niskanen, Martin, Michalek and Lovejoy will all be traded.
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