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List Updated

Originally Posted by Bwagzz View Post
Spot # 4 plz
I got this PM before you posted so I gave 4 to bizmark31 - pm sent in case you've gotba 2nd preferred number.

Originally Posted by bizmark31
Hey can you please put me down for slots 4 and 6 please..thank you so much
Also had another question come up. I know NT has been having more hits than advertized. I had planned after the three relics and three autos the remaining cards would end up for end of break randoms. I assumed these would also be done via (lists), but could do as a draft - anyone got a preference either way (or we could also add more slots to the break - which would lower slot prices). I'm learly of doing this as I'd rather do extra's as random's than overshoot and have to refund for not having a hit.

Edit # 1 @ 2013 - Was planning on having random's done 3 x before they are posted - assume no objections here (prerandom objections that is

Edit # 2 @ 2029 -
Originally Posted by Bwagzz
#17 will work! thanks
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