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Originally Posted by Shanehw View Post
I would say snake draft on the extra hits for the people who get bad picks, they at least get an extra hit that way.
Originally Posted by Andrew Jones View Post
It isn't a hit draft so I'm not sure how that would work.

I might be in for a slot but I'd like to know how the hits/extra hits are going to be determined. It seems like there are 8 auto and/or memorabilia hits per box with the "box hit" falling in the last hit slot. If, say, the first 6 hits are part of the original random, that would leave most of the big hits for the second random. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I'm just trying to picture how the host envisions this working.
Originally Posted by lauvray04 View Post
so whats going on with the extra hits then?
Thats why I'm asking - which now is adding confusion and sorry about that, but would rather get everything figured out before hand. Lots of different ways to do this and if the format's not right guys wont join and as with everyone else trying to have fun with this and to maximize the profit/loss per slot so guys hopefully can have fun and get something back in return. Everyone will have to get something and some will win, hopefully few loose.

We can easily do this as a draft break. Looking at the breaks it does look like there's at least 8 hits per box some have 9, but I wouldnt want to over estimate it -so I think 8 slots per box could be used - if we're shorted (say a box has 7), then that last slot could be a base/parallel slot. If we get 32 hits (auto or mem) and there are still extra hits I'd say those should be snaked which helps even out the lesser hits. If we do get a full 32 hits, then likely half of the slot holders would be getting a base/insert card (looks like 4 per box @ 4 boxes would be 16). If we hit a 1/1 parallel they could always just take that as the base slot in the draft (assuming we only get 31 hits and the base would be the 32nd hit), otherwise we'd have a full case worth of stuff that would be drafted at any time (typical assumption here is that the base would go last).

I originally did this based off of whats stated on the product info page which is 6 hits and 2 base. We could just make this a 32 slot draft (likely just auto/mem hits). If we can figure this out might be kind of fun as well but possibility of maybe doing this break live on Saturday in Jackson at the card show (I'm a 2 day ship from Blowout). But just for the record - if say we go with 32 hits - slot prices would drop to 60.75 and 58.75 (dropping 16 bucks a slot)
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