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Originally Posted by papercards View Post
Jeremy, I have noticed in the past week or so, a few price changes on some items but I have not received the "recent price changes" email for either of them. Is anyone else having trouble receiving this or not? I still get emails for offers and what not, so I dont think it is an email issue (I know you guys switched servers lately.)

Also, I have sent info on some cards that need to be changed as they are listed wrong, and nothing has happened with them...on one card I have literally sent that it is listed wrong and why, well over 5 times...and nothing has happened with it. We are talking weeks here on it. This hasn't ever happened before in the past, usually things were taken care of rather quickly. Is this just part of the growing process, and maybe that part of the customer service is getting neglected a tad? Just a mild concern as it seems to have gotten a little lax lately, just in that area. Overall COMC is still incredible! Thanks

Regarding the cards that are listed wrong, I have cards dating back to January that have probably been submitted as wrong 15+ times and they are still not corrected. I even emailed screen shots of the specific cards to the account and still several are not corrected. It seems that every time I submit 30-40 then a couple will be corrected.
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