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Originally Posted by Sports2882 View Post
Hi guys. Couple of quick questions.

1) When sending in cards, does blowout handle whether a card needs a condition note? I see they carge 25 cents if a card requires a condition note, do you just send cards in normal or do you need to notify them that the card may have a condition issue?

2) Can a person ship using any method? For example regional priority boxes?

3) If a person chooses the 4 week method at 20 cents per card and the 25 cents per card if there are condition issues are there any other possible fees they may charge? I am trying to get an idea of what the total cost might be.

1) COMC determines what needs condition notes. You don't have to point out cards that need notes but I'm sure it would save them time if you did so.

2) They receive mail from every source.

3) Oversized cards and the $3 batch fee are the only other fees.
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