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Originally Posted by Sports2882 View Post
Hi guys. Couple of quick questions.

1) When sending in cards, does blowout handle whether a card needs a condition note? I see they carge 25 cents if a card requires a condition note, do you just send cards in normal or do you need to notify them that the card may have a condition issue?

2) Can a person ship using any method? For example regional priority boxes?

3) If a person chooses the 4 week method at 20 cents per card and the 25 cents per card if there are condition issues are there any other possible fees they may charge? I am trying to get an idea of what the total cost might be.

Hi, Sports2882. Our ID guys determine whether or not a card merits a condition note. It's liklier for vintage stuff (pre-1970) because for more recent stuff if it's in bad shape and not an otherwise valuable card, we'll just send it back (without charging you). It's helpful if you indicate a rough guess of how many items will need notes, but it is not required and we'll do our own thorough check regardless.
The only other fee you might get charged is if you send cards in in toploaders / screwdowns / semirigids. Those are $0.05 per card to remove.

Originally Posted by zebrastar View Post
Just started to actively use COMC and I am waiting on my first shipment of 500 cards to be processed and ready to send out an additional 500. Most all of my cards are autographed or memorabilia and I guess my only gripe with the site is that as far as I know, you cant specifically search for only auto or jersey cards. This results in alot of sifting through junk base and inserts... Of course you can type in stuff like "Auto" and get results, but only if the word auto is in the card description... Which many times it is not. Has anybody found a way to accurately emit the base and inserts while doing a search? Has this concern previously been raised and if so, has a COMC rep responded to this concern?
This has been I think a lot of people's #1 feature request besides wantlists. We plan to roll out both by the end of the summer. =)

Originally Posted by papercards View Post
Jeremy, I have noticed in the past week or so, a few price changes on some items but I have not received the "recent price changes" email for either of them. Is anyone else having trouble receiving this or not? I still get emails for offers and what not, so I dont think it is an email issue (I know you guys switched servers lately.)
Also, I have sent info on some cards that need to be changed as they are listed wrong, and nothing has happened with them...on one card I have literally sent that it is listed wrong and why, well over 5 times...and nothing has happened with it. We are talking weeks here on it. This hasn't ever happened before in the past, usually things were taken care of rather quickly. Is this just part of the growing process, and maybe that part of the customer service is getting neglected a tad? Just a mild concern as it seems to have gotten a little lax lately, just in that area. Overall COMC is still incredible! Thanks
Hi, papercards. Not sure what's going on with price changes in your account. If you can get me an affected card's item number I can check our book price history on it and give you more info. Please email (attn: Jeremy). Unfortunately as great as our CS team is (and they are), they don't do corrections - our ID team does. The ID folks have been bombarded lately, enough so that we've doubled the size of the department since the beginning of the year and we're still hiring to keep up with our business growth. It's a good problem to have, but it's meant that corrections have been badly neglected. If you've got a short-list of items that are at the top of your list, please send them to me and I'll do what I can to get some eyes on them.
Of couse, and not to offend, but sometimes correction requests are submitted on cards that are actually listed correctly so that's possible too,

Originally Posted by SwagCards View Post
Regarding the cards that are listed wrong, I have cards dating back to January that have probably been submitted as wrong 15+ times and they are still not corrected. I even emailed screen shots of the specific cards to the account and still several are not corrected. It seems that every time I submit 30-40 then a couple will be corrected.
Soon I imagine we'll have a dedicated "Swag Dept".

Originally Posted by Sports2882 View Post
I just got to the add cards section and it wants an estimate of how many cards need condition notes. Can I leave this blank and then just put the money in there that I need once they have determined my final cost?

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