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Originally Posted by Zoop View Post
C'mon guys, get in on this. Baseball group breaks are lookin' sparse and this one looks ripe for the pickin'. Let's fill this up and have some fun in the process, yeah?

Thanks for the support! I really do think this will be a solid product, I think people are just focused on prime cuts, GQ, and the upcoming bowman right now.

Originally Posted by ChrisNTx View Post
I'll try spots 24 & 34...never done a break like this, new to BO Cards, how does paying work since it is due Friday?
well, I cant start taking payments until it fills. So I will probably have to push that date back. It looks like the release date got moved up to its original release date of May 2nd so hopefully we can get it filled and paid by then so we can break ASAP.
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