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Originally Posted by jameshues View Post
Coyotes get 2 players injured in game 1 and our goaile gets rocked, but you don't hear a peep from us. Yotes know how to shut up and play hockey instead of whine like all the Hawks fans. Phoenix has heart and hustle, not excuses. That's why were up 2-0 right now.

Dirty hits have gone both ways. Torres' hit was dirty. Shaw's hit was dirty. Deal with it and play hockey, then you wouldn't be losing the series.

EDIT: 2-1 lol
Here's the thing though, Torres has done this now two years in a row in the playoffs, not to mention on the same exact calendar day (irrelevant, but interesting). He has a reputation for being a head hunter. Shaw doesn't have any sort of history of head hunting or suspension prior to this series.

PS, if you are looking for whining, go check out that Pens/Flyers thread.
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