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Smith took a dive and sold the hit to the refs.... It looked like he'd been shot by a sniper from the upper deck the way he threw his arms around and fell to the ice.... My thought is, if the Goalie goes back to play the puck, that makes him a skater and eligible to get hit as one...... I don't think Shaw leaned his head into Smith with the intent to headbutt him.... It just worked out that way.... Was Smith stunned a bit, yes, I'm sure.... Was he injured, NO !! Ive played goalie for years and at a higher level than most... The equipment Smith was wearing on his head is meant to absorb hits much more powerful than the one he got from Shaw.... Torres needs to find the nearest bridge and just jump.... The NHL does not need his type in the game..... That being said, the Hawks look so lackadaisical until the final 2 minutes of regulation every game... If they played with that drive and emotion all 3 periods this series would have been over tonight.......
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