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Thats 9-7 in favor of holding off until May to break 2012 Bowman. Still have yet to hear from about 14 people thus far, but considering its April 20th, and I still don't even have payment from everyone - waiting seems like the best idea IMO. For those of you who have not paid for April [or March] please do ... For those who have not voted yet, and would like to, please do

Now, on a side note, for all of my bonus break buddies, I was thinking of doing a nice 3 case break of 2011 BDP. At the current price, if we fill 30 team slots, plus shipping/supplies we are looking at about $84 per slot. If that is too much $$$ we could also do a 2 case, which would probably drop it to about $56 per slot.

If we DO wind up doing 3 cases, my vote is to NOT ship/sort the vet cards

Anyhow let me know what you guys think ...
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