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Default WTB - WWE Platinum Golds & WWE 2011 Golds

need these gold parallels to complete my sets from platinum and wwe 2011

WWE Topps Platinum

57. Alex Riley
68. Natayla

Ill also add the gold parallels of inserts as ive been slowly adding to my PC, although they are not a priority.

Legendary Superstars

LS-9. W.Regal/A.Anderson
LS-11. McIntyre/Rude
LS-12. Edge/Pillman
LS-14. HHH/B.Graham
LS-18. HHH/H.Race
LS-25. W.Barret/British Bulldog

Platinum Perfomance

PP-7. CM Punk
PP-8. British Bulldog
PP-9. Beth Phoenix
PP-12. Sheamus
PP-22. Harley Race

WWE Topps 2011

3. Rey Mysterio

these cards are gold and numbered to 50, if any has any from the list please be heard.


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