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Originally Posted by tradecardz View Post
ill take 2 spots - #15, #26
Only had 2 slots left - # 31 and 32 - assuming this is ok, please confirm (pm also being sent)

Originally Posted by Jenkinssssss View Post
I'll take #26. Thanks. If someone could PM me when it's time to pay, I'd greatly appreciate it.
Tradecardz got the last 2 slots available. Care if I put you on the waiting list? This look longer than I expected to fill, so assuming we wont fill a 2nd case.

Break is full and I'm reporting to move to active. Once I get the order info and amount, I'll post and PM everyone with info (likely later today). Since no one has stated one way or the other. At this point Slot 33 Will be the base slot. SLots 1-32 will be hit slots as they are pulled from the boxes.
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