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Originally Posted by harvey57 View Post
There is promotion needed to add to the collectors base for any product, which in turn adds to the value for the "loyal" buyers.

The Premium Back Base Cards Exchange Program awards loyal buyers. If you buy a Master Case you will be very close to spelling "Sportkings" 10 times and being able to receive an additional 1/1 Art Card.

In a Case Break the Premium Back Cards will most likely be distributed 4 at a time to 12 different people. These Premium Back Cards will not be used to trade in for 1/1 Art cards (unless purchased and accumulated on the secondary market).

Of course, there is the choice for those that are holding many Premium Back Base Cards of selling the Premium Back Cards, keeping them or redeeming them....Choose any option, it adds value for the "loyal" buyers.

I won't mention how many boxes/cases I have pre-ordered, it is irrelevant. I think the Group Case Break is an excellent way for collectors who are undecided about Sportkings to give it a try. For less than the price of a box, a "loyal" collector could be born. Thus, value added to everyone that is already a "loyal" buyer.

I also think "loyal" buyers should buy into the case break, and many have. The more Case Breaks that fill up, the more publicity the product receives. Many "loyal" buyers have bought into the case breaks without complaining that their personal purchases aren't being awarded with extra bonus cards, and without expecting to be given a bonus card in the case break.

Card companies give away items all the time. Search give aways at The National, The Industry Summit, etc. The receivers of these give aways may be loyal, some may not be. Exactly the same as a group case break. The point is to increase Brand Awareness, increase the number of collectors, increase the excitement for the product, etc.

Dr.Price does a better job at this than any other card company, and I applaud his efforts.

I'm sure people only do case breaks if they get something out of it, so I'm sure the people sponsoring them Love this promotion and will defend it however they can.
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