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Originally Posted by harvey57 View Post
If you are thinking about Sportkings why not try a Case Break Slot:

Sport Kings Series E Hit 16 Box (or 48) Case Break Part Deux

Dr. Price is including an additional 1/1 Art Card if the Case Break Fills. A chance at two 1/1's with one slot!!!

Check it out, buy a slot, buy a few slots....
Thank you for the advertisement. Join up guys.

Originally Posted by kakman View Post
I'm sure people only do case breaks if they get something out of it, so I'm sure the people sponsoring them Love this promotion and will defend it however they can.
If I am getting something out of it please let me know what it is. I can't partake in the break and I receive nothing.

I do case breaks to open quantities of products so those who may or may not be able to open something like a master case can also have a chance to reap the benefits such as a case hit.

Please, let's not turn this into a dramafest and make Dr Price regret offering the 1/1 Art Card.
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