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Originally Posted by mouschi View Post
I'm not saying he's necessarily scamming me ... I am just getting the short end of the stick on the deal in terms of least. He said the cards were going to be sent out a few times, I didn't get the DC# like he mentioned, I checked in with him here and via email, and have not heard back ... even though I see he has been online here since then. Mike, if you are out there ... please get with me. I don't want my money back ... I want my cards.
Not to pile on this guy, as it does seem has happened a bit in this thread (justified or not), but I paid him $5 for a card 2 weeks ago, after a week, I asked where the card was, he said it hadn't shipped until the day before the day he responded (4/16) and now a week after that, still no card. I PM'd him yesterday asking what's up, got no response.

I filed a paypal claim for my $5. There is still a strong possibility the card is en route, I'm just protecting myself given this thread and his lack of response. Its a pain in the ass to have to deal with this over a $5 card that I was only picking up to build my set, but whether it was $5 or $500, he clearly could have done more on the communication end, especially when it didn't ship for a week (so he says) after he said he was going to.

Truth be told, Bael6 comes off as a good guy when he does respond, but with all these red flags, I'm just being proactive and if he comes back with a DC# like he did here and it gets delivered, I have no issue leaving neutral feedback and moving on.

Just wanted to add some factual info to the thread, hope this helps to those still working out deals with him.
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