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I've missed you bud!

This post made my day. Agree 1000%. this forum has always had it's deadbeats and bad apples...but it has become a CESSPOOL lately with all the morons, new and old members included.

I stay quiet and just deal and comment with the folks I have always seen eye to eye with.

Take care! Preach on, brotha!

Originally Posted by bboi30 View Post
Wow lately all I read about are these threads. A word of advice to everyone here that thinks it's ok not to have good manners. I am by no means a saint here, but these call outs & non mannered people here are getting ridiculous.

as Diddy so elequently put it: NO MORE BI**h A**ness.....

1. Vets- too many donkey vets lately right? Wise up boys & girls. Feedback means SH!T without your word so keep it & you won't be dealing with this non sense. Use the words HONOR & INTEGRITY more often in your life & you will be better off. Answer your PM's like most of us do. We all for the most part get along & laugh, but a few of us are still acking like 1st timers.

2. New men & women- Please be considerate & respond to threads & PM's. Don't make an OBO post if you get butt hurt & don't ACTUALLY respond to the OBO you posted & that goes for veryone. Respond with a yes, no or counter & make it happen captain. In the last week I have sent PM's to people with no responses, & some with responses that are either downright rude or just Whiny. Stop being a baby & man or woman up. If you can't take it go to another communist forum where they treat you like crap.

EVERYONE- Please stop trolling. It's whack when someone is trying to buy or sell something & you come in & spoil their potential purchase or sale with your ridicule or negative comments. If you're not responding to the persons thread then stay out of it. & with respect to these call out threads unless it's useful info. or input to give to the OP then stop hounding & crucifying the person being called out. Let them explain first & let the OP deal with it. A good rib here & there is cool or funny comment, but come on.

I can tell you now I had a situation with a high volume seller on here (I will leave it at that) that had gone horribly wrong. I went out of my way to work with him & it still didn't work out. Instead of calling him out & giving him grief I instead opted to help him with his Attitude so that he can become a better seller.

Like I said before im no saint, but someone had to say it & I guess I felt like I wanted to step up to the plate. Stray ball to the head anyone???

Love all you f**kers & have a great day. /Rant.
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