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Originally Posted by dbaks View Post
As a Phils fan I have this fear that he will get traded and become a star and we will never really get to see him get a shot. Know what I mean? I would rather give him a shot, have him fail miserably, and then at least he had a shot and didn't pan out....vs.....he's in the future, he's not in the future, he's up, he's down....then traded.
This, only he would already be the everyday option if: 1) his defense wasn't so terrible and 2) he could keep from getting hurt. I'm as big of a Dom Brown fan as anybody, but throwing in a bat who is already struggling at AAA into an anemic offense just doesn't seem to be the best move. On the other hand, he might be struggling more out of frustration than anything else seeing as he and everybody else knows where he should be and it's not with the Iron Pigs. I certainly don't have any answers, but this offense is so bad SOMETHING has to be done. It's pretty disheartening when our glimmer of hope lies in the knees of Chase Utley and Ryan Howard's pitiful bat. *sigh*
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