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the end of raw where brock is making demands , that maybe art of the storyline. but im sure that in real life before he signed you bet he did have quite a bit of special requests and of course vinnie mac had to say yes to most of them becasue he knows what getting brock back would mean .

can you imagine how much money they have already made just selling his shirt ? i just ordered one the other day and was told that the shirt has been on back order 3 times already .

i wonder if he gets along with anyone in the back at all ? does anyone even talk to him ? we all know he is simply making the most out of the current oppurtunity , he is no dumby. im just realy curious to see how good his performance is on sunday . yes i will be ordering the ppv . the whole point of signing lesnar was to get people like me that havent ordered a ppv in 100 years to do so , and it worked .

im sure alot of the wrestlers are not happy that he is back , alot of jealousy there. kind of like when goldberg first came onto the scene in wcw alot of guys were so jealous that he never realy did independents before making it on tv........ oh well ? if your good and in demand there going to use you .
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