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Originally Posted by luckbest View Post
I am a Chinese,do you know that there is one payment policy in China ,IT is be called "alipay",designed by ,I think it is more fitting for chinese person,ITs operation do not like paypal,for example,i want to purchase a leaf auto card,cost ¥100,then i buy it .send the E-money to alipay system,then alipay inform the sell i have complete payment and alipay system has received my E-money,...seller will ship item to me,when i receive the item ,the item is indeed as seller's description,then i inform the alipay to send the seller's account.
i think it is indeed safty transaction.Protected the buyer and the seller also.
yea,uh could you possibly write this so another human being could understand it?
Its sad that a good number of the conversations in this hobby begin with "how much"
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