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Default Longest I should wait for a package? Should I actually leave neg/neutral?

I have removed the members' name. He has said it will arrive in a couple of days.

Well, bought two cards from a member here and sent payment on the 5th of April. It is now the 25th. According to my paypal no tracking has been uploaded and my last contact with the seller was on the 11th of April when he replied back to me and said the package would be going out the next day. I've since sent a PM and I've gotten no response back.

What should I do?

If I finally do get the cards should I leave a neg/neutral? Honestly, kind of afraid to get one back. I've encountered minor problems on here buying but have just scooped them a little under the carpet and forgotten about them to not stop controversy over something minor.

I was actually going to buy another card from the seller as be honest glad I didn't now, told him he'd make more on ebay anyway, was just being honest.

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